Triple Moon Pentacle Tree Of Life Crystal Pentagram Necklace - Witchy Jewelry


This Wiccan Triple Moon Goddess Pentagram Necklace shows off the familiar pagan pentacle design in the center, with crescent moons embracing it to form the triple moon symbol. Surrounding the star and moons on this witchcraft talisman are Celtic knots woven in a Tree of Life design. This brings three beautiful pagan symbols into one - a unique and powerful talisman to keep close to your heart.

A high quality 8mm round crystal dangles above the pendant in brilliant Crystal Shimmer, a beautiful iridescent crystal that shifts between clear/blue/yellow/pink depending on the light.

Three 3mm crystal rhinestones adorn the pentacle and moons in your choice of colors. Your choice can reflect traditional color associations for magick work, a birthstone, or a favorite color.

  • Made to order, each one special for you- choose your preferred crystal and length
  • Creation time frame before your order will ship: About 1-3 days
  • Pendant measures: 1.25 x 1.25 inches
  • Pendant materials: Metal Alloys

Each piece is finished to order in my art studio in Vancouver, Washington (across the river from Portland!) I strive to offer witchy decor and mystical Wiccan and pagan gifts with a sense of mystery, curiosity, and spirituality. 

To learn more about me and my work, I invite you to visit the About Lori and FAQ pages in the nav menu above.  ❤️


  • Red: Passion, Fire, Courage, Strength
  • Pink: Love & Self Love, Feminine, Harmony, Friendship, Calmness
  • Orange: Happiness, Abundance, Confidence
  • Yellow: Healing, Productivity, Creativity, Friendship
  • Green: Wellness, Growth, Nature, Prosperity
  • Blue: Wisdom, Joy, Peace, Truth, Serenity
  • Purple: Spirit, Protection, Magick Work, Healing
  • White: Safety, Purification, Protection, Transformation
  • Black: Beginning, Creation, Balance, Overcoming, Banishing

(** This is provided for historical and symbolic reference and not a claim or promise of power or outcome **)

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