My wish, my reason for creating, is that my offerings will fire up your imagination and creativity, empower your soul and connection to the universe, and help make your home and altar a space where you can truly charm your spirit and craft your intention!
- Lori Treleaven

I am so happy that everyone who wears or displays my pagan jewelry and decor knows they own a piece of art that reflects their own unique spirit.

Before I created Lori’s Laboratory, I sought out these kinds of witchy items to express my own sense of style and to help make my sacred space reflect what I felt within, but I saw the lack of options on the market. Not only is our style not ‘mainstream’, but each one of us resonates with our own unique set of colors, symbols, animal spirits, and totems. Finding items that represent our beliefs, enhance our intentions, and make our souls sing is not an easy task!

Then, one day…

I was playing in my art studio with my clay and thought, what if I just tried making what I can see in my mind?

This began the long road of trial and error with techniques, clay, and paint- and many, many hours of practice. Eventually… it came together! I was finally able to create beautiful, functional pieces of art that reflected the witchy vibe within.

I knew I wanted to offer these pagan and Wiccan themed clay bottles to others, but I was concerned that we as a society have become so accustomed to mass-produced cheap, disposable products that it would be difficult to find an audience who appreciates hand-craftsmanship. Also, what if no one else shared my love of this style? It is, honestly, scary to put oneself out there!

Despite these hesitations…

I forged ahead, also adding witchy jewelry designing with a focus on the ability to customize pieces with your chosen colors and sizes, to my “laboratory” experiments until I was able to put up a collection worthy of being worn proudly by pagans, Wiccans, and nature lovers worldwide.

Lori’s Laboratory opened its doors in 2018, and it wasn’t long before all of my worries disappeared – so many of you do appreciate handcrafted, quality products, and I have experienced such pure love from everyone who shares this alternative sense of style.

The response has truly been overwhelming and humbling, and so many of you have sent beautiful messages about how my items act as talismans or totems to help you through difficult times and to enhance your power and intention setting, or have served as urns, final resting places for your loved ones - pets and family alike.


Thank you all so very much for your support - it truly means the world to me!  I continue to look forward to releasing new collections to help you charm your spirit, and craft your intention!