When will my order ship?

Most items in the shop are made to order, and the time required for each piece to be crafted and ship out will be noted in the item's description (generally from 2 to 14 days.)  If you place an order for multiple items, they will ship together when all items have been crafted.

Once shipped, orders typically arrive in 3-7 days.

Are all items handcrafted?

All pieces in the shop (unless otherwise noted) are handcrafted to various degrees.  For example, apothecary jars are crafted from near scratch, while jewelry may use pre-existing components but are assembled and then hand-customized with your choice of beads, crystals, and more.

For sneak peeks at my process and works in progress, I invite you to my Instagram or Facebook Group!

Where are you located?

I work and ship from my studio in Vancouver WA, USA (in the Portland metro area) and am based online only, offering my work on this site and in my Etsy shop.

For more information about me and how I started Lori's Laboratory, you can hop over to the About Lori page.

Wait, I saw these items on other sites, marketplaces (Wish, Amazon, etc) and Facebook/Instagram ads.  What gives?

Unfortunately, many handmade sellers and artists such as myself have their work stolen by China-based companies who attempt to scam buyers using the artist's photos and descriptions, pretending to sell their work.  Be sure to do research to confirm the origin of an item you admire from a marketplace or social media ad.

Please know that if you order from one of those fraudulent sites, you will not receive what is pictured, as they do not have my work.  Some customers receive nothing at all, while others receive poor small plastic bootlegs of my designs some months after ordering, and folks are left trying to file payment disputes due to the scam.

I have been truly touched by all of the messages I've received from my followers alerting me to these sites and ads, thank you so much!  While it has proven impossible to take them all down, I appreciate everyone looking out and reporting them.

For reference, in addition to this site, these are the only homes of my work:

I do not have a presence on Amazon, eBay, Wish, or other ecommerce sites.

Returns & Exchanges

Items that have not been customized (with your choice of beads, crystals, etc) are returnable within 14 days of delivery.  Please reach out if you would like help with a return, or if you have any concerns with any item in your order.  I am always here to help!

International Shipping

Only USA shipping is available on this site.  I do have international shipping to many destinations available in my Etsy shop.

Care Information

  • Always remove your jewelry before sleeping, showering, or swimming to avoid damaging the finish of the metals or the integrity of the fiber cords.

  • Be delicate with your jewelry - I make them durable, but they should be handled with care and respect.

  • Jewelry with patina finishes may change over time. This is natural, expected, and will boost the character of your piece.

  • Do not use jewelry cleaners and do not scrub your jewelry.

  • If an accident occurs - remember you have a 1-year warranty! See warranty section for details.

Art & Decor:
  • Natural, Clay, and/or Painted Art: Dust/wipe art with a dry cloth. Do not wet your pieces. Exception: Items with glass interiors may filled (non-consumable liquids only), but keep the exterior dry.

  • Items are fragile! Do not drop, knock, or leave out where mischievous kitties like to play...

  • Always keep art out of direct sunlight. This is sage advice for ANY art you may own :)

  • Unless otherwise stated, art is for indoor use only.

  • Art is not a toy and may not be safe for young children.

  • Always keep blades away from children, pets, and never point at yourself or another.  Do not touch the blade end, only the hilt.

Item Sizing Details

All items vary in size and detail and will list the dimensions in the description, and photos will show the items next to rulers and/or common objects to judge scale.

Always pay attention to the measurements - photos have a way of fooling us into thinking a product is larger or smaller than it may be. When in doubt - grab a ruler yourself and compare to the listing! :)

Coupons & Discounts

I offer an exclusive 30% OFF discount when you join the Lori's Laboratory Spirit Charmers VIP Group.

I spoil my Charmers with discounts, giveaways, sneak peeks, and first dibs on new collections!

To become a Charmer and receive the 30% OFF coupon code INSTANTLY to your inbox, just click here and follow the signup until you are confirmed.

Allergy Information

My pagan witch jewelry and talismans can be made from a variety of metals and materials including: zinc, silver, iron, nickel, rhodium, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, pewter, polymer clay. I try to source nickel free components, but am not comfortable guaranteeing any to be allergy-free.

Patina pendants may age more with time - this will boost the character of your piece! It is best to limit handling of the pendants to avoid wearing down the finish.

Fiber cording is made from vegan, synthetic materials. NO wool, so you do not have to worry about wool allergies or the itchies!

Custom Orders & Order Cancellations

On many items, you will be able to make selections to customize the piece to your liking. I work on these pieces shortly after your order is placed.

If you need to cancel or change your custom selections, please do so within 4 hours of order placement. I can not guarantee that I will be able to cancel or change an order, especially past this time. If your order was already started but there is still time to change the order, a fee may be incurred due to the lost materials.

Due to the busy and hectic nature of the holiday season, cancellations/changes may not be possible in December. I will try my best!

At the moment, I am only offering the items and variation choices present on the site, and am not taking on custom work.

Shipping Address Changes/Issues

If you entered the wrong address at checkout, message me ASAP!

Please note that I can not be responsible for addresses that were entered incorrectly, and if your order ships before the change can be made, you would need to pay for a new order with the correct address if you would still like the item (if it is still in stock!)

Warranty Information

All pagan witch jewelry is insured for ONE FULL YEAR from purchase date and covers you and/or the gift recipient!

This means that if anything should happen to your jewelry within the year, simply contact me describing the issue and I will help get it taken care of for you!

You are responsible for shipping costs when sending in your jewelry for repairs, but I will cover the shipping back to you. :)

If your piece can not be repaired and some of the original components are no longer available, substitutions may need to be made.

I guarantee all of my art to arrive in perfect condition and appear as described, but due to the fragile nature and limited/OOAK-ness of those items, this warranty can only cover jewelry items.

Problems with your order?

Is something wrong with your order? Did I goof, or did a mail monster attack your package in transit? I am here to take care of you!  Please message me to explain what went wrong (have a picture at the ready in case it is needed), and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Wholesale & Reselling 

Wholesale quantities and pricing are not available due to the handmade nature of the items, but you can receive the VIP 30% off discount by signing up here.

You are welcome to offer my items for sale in your physical storefront, but online reselling is prohibited.  Thank you!