Raven Crow Pair Couples Crystal Necklace - Witchy Jewelry


The raven & crow have been considered powerful totem animals since ancient times. This Spirit Raven pagan witchy necklace can represent a new phase in life and serve as a nudge to leave behind what is not working for you, and head towards your new path. A crow talisman symbolizes mystery, magic, intelligence, and transformation. Here, we have a pair of birds with intricate details on the wings and body. Suitable for lovers of these majestic birds, or as a couples/bestfriends symbol.

Placed on the wings of the birds are YOUR CHOICES of 3mm rhinestone crystals - any colors from the chart image! Your choice can reflect traditional color associations for magick work, a birthstone, or a favorite color.

A solitaire bicone bead sits below the pair in Crystal Shimmer, a beautiful iridescent crystal that shifts between clear/blue/yellow/pink depending on the light. 

  • Made to order, each one special for you- choose your preferred crystal and length
  • Creation time frame before your order will ship: About 1-3 days
  • Pendant measures: 1.375" high (not including bail) x 1.125" wide
  • Pendant materials: Metal Alloys

Each piece is finished to order in my art studio in Vancouver, Washington (across the river from Portland!) I strive to offer witchy decor and mystical Wiccan and pagan gifts with a sense of mystery, curiosity, and spirituality. 

To learn more about me and my work, I invite you to visit the About Lori and FAQ pages in the nav menu above.  ❤️


  • Red: Passion, Fire, Courage, Strength
  • Pink: Love & Self Love, Feminine, Harmony, Friendship, Calmness
  • Orange: Happiness, Abundance, Confidence
  • Yellow: Healing, Productivity, Creativity, Friendship
  • Green: Wellness, Growth, Nature, Prosperity
  • Blue: Wisdom, Joy, Peace, Truth, Serenity
  • Purple: Spirit, Protection, Magick Work, Healing
  • White: Safety, Purification, Protection, Transformation
  • Black: Beginning, Creation, Balance, Overcoming, Banishing

(** This is provided for historical and symbolic reference and not a claim or promise of power or outcome **)

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