Wiccan Athame - Keyhole Black Blade Crystal Ritual Dagger


Artisan small ritual athame blade with handcrafted clay hilt, by artist Lori Treleaven. The blade is black stainless steel, and the hilt is sculpted in strong polymer clay in an ornate keyhole design and colored with shimmering purples, and accented with silver.

At the end of the hilt sits a 12mm high quality rivoli crystal in Paradise Shine, and smaller rhinestones in "Volcano" sit below the keyhole. Paradise Shine is a brilliant crystal that shows off yellows, greens, pinks, and blues, while Volcano can show yellow, orange, red, blue, or purple depending on the angle. They are stunning! 

  • Made to order, each one special for you! While the same process is used for every piece, there will be small variations in paint hues and texture, so your piece will vary slightly from the photos.
  • Creation time frame before your order will ship: About 2 weeks
  • Measures about 6" long
  • Expect minor blemishes on the blade - this happens during creation. Since the hilt is handmade with clay, slight variations will occur between pieces. 
  • This athame is intended for gentle ritual and spell work for directing energy or casting circles, and/or as a statement altar art piece. It is not recommended for rough wielding due to the delicate details.
  • Never point it at yourself or another. The sides are not sharp enough to use for cutting, but all ends are pointy and this is still a blade - handle with care, and keep out of reach of minors and pets.
  • Please observe all local laws regarding purchase and possession of blades.

Each piece is handmade to order in my art studio in Vancouver, Washington (across the river from Portland!) I strive to offer witchy decor and mystical Wiccan and pagan gifts with a sense of mystery, curiosity, and spirituality. When you choose to bring home this item, know that you are receiving an heirloom-quality artisan treasure that can be shown proudly on your altar or sacred shelf. 

To learn more about me and my work, I invite you to visit the About Lori and FAQ pages in the nav menu above.  ❤️

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