Video: PanPastel & Watercolor Portrait: Done Is Better Than Perfect

PanPastel Watercolor Mixed Media Portrait

Hello friends!  Happy Monday!   I am starting off the week with a new mixed media art process video for you – this simple but nutty red-head portrait done in watercolors, watercolor pencils, PanPastels and Faber-Castell Pitt black pen.  She was a quick but fun before-work project using basic techniques, which you can watch in the video below! 🙂

She was sketched loosely in Spectrum Aquablend watercolor pencil, with the lines later activated with water to soften them and provide some shading.  Green watercolor pencil was added for the eyes, as well as some black liner for basic details.  Holbein watercolors in red and yellow formed her hair, and PanPastel and more watercolor pencil defined it further.  She was blushed and given freckles at the end.

PanPastel Watercolor Mixed Media Portrait

I recently watched a lesson by Dina Wakley, and she said (more…)

Acrylic Portrait Painting: Fearless Art & Expression

Fearless Art Portrait Acrylic Painting

Hello everyone!  I hope you are having a fantastic week!  Today I am sharing an acrylic painting that was inspired by Annie Hamman’s Fearless Expression lesson in Life Book 2016.  This was an exercise in just diving in, playing and having fun, experimenting with new colors and strokes and not being concerned about the end result.  To not be so precious with the painting.  If you have a child – switch out with them, let them take over for a bit and don’t be afraid of them “messing up” your work!

If you don’t have children, like me, then switch out with your inner child!  Go at the painting with the intention of just “seeing what happens” if you throw paint there, or try out that crazy color…

I have to tell you – when you let go of that worry and that need to be precise and churn out a masterpiece, WOW!  It is liberating, and FUN!

Fearless Art Portrait Acrylic Painting

I did sketch this girl out beforehand, but she formed her own personality as the paint was applied.  Artist’s Loft and Liquitex acrylic paint were used to add layer over layer.  I am still new to acrylics, so this was a small challenge for me, but going into it without fear was a big help!  I stopped when I started to get too fussy, and returned later when I loosened up again.  Posca paint pens in white and black finished up the details.

I dig her bold fiery hair.  🙂

Fearless Art Portrait Acrylic Painting

Supplies used:

Fearless Art Portrait Acrylic Painting

This was a fantastic lesson in the journey of letting go, and I will certainly be doing it again!  Experimenting with techniques and colors we wouldn’t have tried otherwise is also a great teacher.  How many opportunities do we miss because we are too afraid to try?

Thank you for stopping by today.  Go and grab some paints and paper or canvas and just dive right in and see where it takes you!   I’ll see you all soon!

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