Quirky Bird Mixed Media Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Quirky Birds Mixed Media Art

Happy Friday lovely people!  I have more mixed media art for you, of course!  Are you ready for the weekend?  These birdies certainly look like they are set to have some fun! 🙂

It’s been a long week with work craziness, physical hurts and a series of events that led to a cracked Macbook that was worthy of a scene in “Final Destination.”  Eeep!  Still, this is a year of slowing down, calming (word of the year: relax!) and being grateful, so let’s stay on that path and take this moment to celebrate all of the big and little things that bring us joy.

Watercolor Quirky Birds Mixed Media Art

These quirky birds were one of Tamara Laporte’s Life Book 2016 art lessons.  How cute!   A fun course in honoring what and whom we are grateful for and embodying those characteristics in the birds.  I don’t even think people that know me well can decipher this one, but these cuties are a mix of family, friends, our zoo of pets, and myself.  🙂  I am blessed with people in my life that are loving, supportive, and all-around fun to know, and the process of this painting allowed me time to focus on appreciating having them in my world.

Watercolor Quirky Birds Mixed Media Art

Truly a mixed media painting, this is chock full of everything!  Sketched out onto 11 x 14 hot press watercolor paper, and then colored in with a mix of watercolors, Neocolor II crayons, and colored pencils.  Posca paint pens added details and highlights.  I’m pretty sure I threw some gesso and pastels in there, too…

Watercolor Quirky Birds Mixed Media Art

Supplies used for this piece:

Watercolor Quirky Birds Mixed Media Art

Stay tuned, another fun and quirky bird will be popping up here soon!   Have a wonderful and creative weekend, and let’s remember to take a moment to be thankful for that which is good in our lives.  🙂

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Video: Grunge Mandala With Tons Of Texture

Mixed Media Mandala Grunge

Hello and happy Monday! (Maybe “good luck” is a better Monday greeting?!)  I have something a little different for you today – a mixed media illustrated mandala on a grunge distressed background full of modeling paste texture.  This is also the first video I have posted to Youtube!  You can watch it below.  Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you would like to see more videos like this 🙂

This piece started off with a bright Dye-na-Flow pink, orange, and yellow sprayed background, but after working on it for a while my mood dropped, and so did the overall feel of the piece.  It became grungy and dark. It is fascinating how our mood and lives influence our art!  Painting the mandala with Posca paint pens helped brighten up the center, and in the end I think it is reminiscent of an Indian or middle eastern style.

Mixed Media Mandala Grunge

As you’ll see in the video, a lot of trial and error went into this.  Colors tried and failed, some mandala boo-boos… but I persevered!  I sure was happy when it was finished, though!

Thank you to Faith Evan-Sills – while I didn’t follow the steps of her mandala lesson (other than utilizing Posca pens), it did provide the inspiration to try one out 😀

Mixed Media Mandala Grunge

Supplies used in this piece:

Mixed Media Mandala Grunge

I hope you all have a fantastic start of the week and that you are inspired and create something magical today!  I’ll catch you all soon! 🙂

Zen Doodle Butterfly – Letting Go & Bringing In

Butterfly Zentangle Mixed Media

Happy Friday, wonderful people!  Today I have another completed Life Book 2016 lesson (thank you Tamara!) – a zendoodle butterfly drawn with a Posca Pen on a Dye-na-Flow ink background.  I put 3 cool-tone primary colors into little spray bottles, and sprayed them around.  Some water spritzes also helped the color move.  It coats the paper easily and blends into secondary colors beautifully!  It is waterproof when dry.

Trailing behind the butterfly is a stream of fears and negativity I’d like to let go of, while she is flying towards a bright sun of positivity.  It’s a wonderful healing exercise!

Take some time to ask yourself:  What do you want to let go of this year?   What do you want to bring into your life?

Butterfly Zentangle Mixed Media

Zen doodle (Zentangle) is a fun and relaxing method of doodling repeating patterns in divided spaces in your drawing.  Circles, stripes, spirals, diamonds, checkers – just about any repeatable pattern can look good here!  Just remember to vary how dark each section is (use different amounts of black) to keep them looking distinct.

It is easy to do, too!  This is my first full zen doodle drawing!

Butterfly Zentangle Mixed Media

Supplies used:

I hope everyone has lots of artsy things planned for the weekend! Make it a happy and positive one and I’ll catch you all soon! 🙂

Butterfly Zentangle Mixed Media

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Word Of The Year 2016: Relax…

Mixed Media Art: Relax.  Breathe.  Enjoy

Hello friends!  This is a super fun and easy mixed media piece that celebrates my mantra for the year (and beyond!)…

Relax.  Breathe.  Enjoy!

So often, we get caught up in the end results rather than enjoy the process and the journey.  We worry that we aren’t good enough, or that it is taking too long, or that people (or worst of all, ourselves) won’t like what we make.  The inner critic rears its head too often, and it twists what we enjoy into something stressful or hurtful.  We get frustrated, and we walk away.

I spent years in this mindset, and as a result, I created very little.  I would enjoy others’ art.  I would research the heck out of different techniques and buy all of the materials… but then I froze when I sat down to actually DO it.  The few times I did start, I was immediately flustered and unhappy with the result.  Of course I was – I expected to create a masterpiece right off the bat, and I wasn’t appreciating the pure fun of playing with paints and pens and brushes!  I was focused on what I thought the result should be.

Does this sound familiar to you? 

Mixed Media Art: Relax. Breathe. Enjoy - Detail 2

I’m going to sound like an infomercial for a second here when I say… I will share the secret with you! 😉   Psst… come closer…  okay.  Here it is.

RELAX!  You are good enough.  You are worthy.  You can create.  We all can create!

BREATHE!  Art is a process, not a destination.  Every time you pick up your materials, you are learning and evolving.  Allow yourself the freedom to play, to learn, to experiment, to make crazy works of art without trying to beat them into “perfection.”   They are all stepping stones in your journey, and every single one is necessary and beautiful in its own right.

ENJOY!   Art is fun!  Play with your paints and your stamps and your stencils.  Get your hands dirty!  Laugh at happy accidents.  Look at all the pretty colors!  And when you’ve gone as far as you can with a piece… grab another sheet of paper and do it again!  And again!  And never stop.  Why on earth would you stop? Look at all the fun you’re having! 😀  If your inner critic taps you on the shoulder… reply with “Yeah, yeah.  I’ll work on that bit next time.  Now let me get back to it! *throws paint around*”

Mixed Media Art: Relax. Breathe. Enjoy - Detail 1

This was created on 11 x 14 hot press 140lb. watercolor paper.  Layers of collage papers (scrapbook paper, dictionary pages, sheet music) were adhered with matte medium.  Caran d’Ache Neocolor II crayons, acrylic paints, stencils added color and some letter stamps filled in the sentiment.  Hearts were also cut out of paper to use as DIY stencils with some spray inks.  Gesso was used on the background and in the hearts to mute the bright colors.

Mixed Media Art: Relax. Breathe. Enjoy - Detail 4

Supplies List:

Mixed Media Art: Relax. Breathe. Enjoy - Detail 3

Do you have a word of the year, or a new outlook on life or your art?   Please share it! 🙂

Many thanks to all for reading today.  I hope to see you soon!  Have a wonderful day!

Thank you to Tamara Laporte (willowing.org) and Life Book 2016 for the inspiration, motivation, and guidance – both for this piece of art and the positive outlook.  <3

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