The Happy Traveler – A New Art Journey Begins

Happy Traveler Mixed Media Art

Hello lovely people!  With this piece, I am embarking on a new journey of art, self discovery, and self love and care. 

Can I inspire all of you to join me?

Let’s let go of perfectionism, the inner critic, the need to have it all immediately go just the way we want.  Every step of the process of learning is valuable and can be a joy.  Every time we pick up a pen or a brush, the experience brings new knowledge and more tools (literally and otherwise!) to get closer to where we want to be.

How awesome is that?

All you need to do is start, and keep going.   You will get there.  Enjoy the process of creating art, of putting a piece of your wonderful soul down on paper or canvas.


This piece represents a brave traveler with her animal friends and soul guides that will help her on her journey and remind her that she is loved and worthy, and she should keep forging ahead.

This design was inspired by the first Life Book 2016 lesson by Tamara Laporte (  Tamara is a wonderful, inspirational teacher, and I recommend you check out her Life Book course – a year of lessons featuring her work as well as over 20 guest teachers.  🙂


Layers of collage, paint and pencil helped create this girl and her friends.  Supplies used on this piece include (some are affiliate links – thank you!):


Thank you for spending some time with me today.  I hope we can journey together again soon!  Please consider subscribing here or at my Facebook page if you would like to see more art or hear about my upcoming process videos and tutorials.  Have a wonderful day! <3