Art Prints For Sale

Hello everyone and happy holiday weekend! I am thrilled to announce that art prints are now available for most of the work you have seen here in various sizes and finishes over at my Etsy shop. I also have shirts, totes, pillows and more on the way – all of the usual art merchandise suspects, so stay tuned for those. ^_^ As usual, sparkly resin pendants are also available at my cutesy shop, SugarStripeKawaii.

Click here or the “Shop Art” in the header to check out what’s available!

Work on my number-themed canvas series has been progressing (I am working on 5 canvases at once! That’s more exciting than staring at paint dry on one, that’s for sure!) though this may wind up being a 6 piece series rather than 10, because I stumbled into some exciting ideas this weekend that I am too eager to jump on as soon as possible. Eeeee!

I also just signed up for a couple workshops by artist Mindy Lacefield. It was pure chance I came across her work right when I was interested in exploring something similar to her figure style, and she is having a BOGO sale on all workshops for Memorial Day.  Pop by her shop here!

Have a fantastic week and I’ll be back soon! 😀